We are still recruiting EC sites - stay tuned!

We will be targeting community sites with high case-load of people who inject drugs, on-site NSPs, OST prescriber/s and those currently visited by Integrated Hepatitis Nurses.

EC Sites

The aim of EC partnership is to enhance and extend HCV care and treatment among people who inject drugs through nurse-led models in the community and the prison system.

EC Community Sites

South Wangaratta Medical Centre 47 Joyce Way, Wangaratta VIC. Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Ph: 5713 9299. Website: dsgmc.com.au/

Chris Biesiekierski (Integrated Hepatitis C nurse) has been supporting the hepatitis C clinic and performing database searches. Chris will be checking in with the clinic every six months to offer a Fibroscan clinic and ongoing education.

coHealth Braybrook 107-139 Churchill Ave, Braybrook VIC. Hep C Clinic: 9:30am – 3pm every Tues & Wed. Ph: 9448 5507.

Sally Watkinson (Integrated Hepatitis C nurse) and Kico Chan (EC nurse) are working with two GPs to run a hepatitis C clinic every Tuesday at coHealth Braybrook. In addition to onsite pathology, coHealth Braybrook is currently recalling all patients at risk of hepatitis C to invite them for a liver health check! Staff are also actively engaging NSP clients to get tested and start treatment.

Ballarat Community Health Centre 12 Lilburne Street, Lucas VIC. Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm. Ph: 5338 4500. Website: https://bchc.org.au/

Kirsty Simpson (Integrated Hepatitis C Nurse) is currently running hepatitis C nurse led clinics at Daylesford, Maryborough, Stawell, Ararat, Horsham and Nhill - offering Fibroscan clinic every 3 months. Ballarat Community Health Centre has new Nurse Practitioner who is developing a hepatitis C clinic linking with AOD and NSP services.

ACCESS Health Service 31 Grey Street, St Kilda VIC. Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Ph: 9536 7780

The EC team is currently liaising with clinic staff and conducting an initial review to see what aspects of the EC Partnership can support their health service.

EC Support Services

The EC Partnership will help support a number of different interventions to increase hepatitis C uptake amongst people who inject drugs and evaluate the impact of these interventions using the ACCESS surveillance system.

EC supports may include:

Patient Support

  • Health promotion resources
  • Patient support resources
  • Harm reduction initiatives

Provider Support

  • Guidelines and clinical decision making support tools
  • In-practice education and training
  • Clinical support and mentorship
  • Introduction to HealthPathways
  • Access to FibroScan machine & training

Practice Support

  • Hep C Task List
  • Maximising MBS billing
  • Enhanced hepatitis C patient search information sheets
  • Patient management system tips and support
  • Routine ACCESS site reports to track progress at service level

For community clinics who are interested in getting involved, please contact Mellissa Bryant via email (mellissa.bryant@burnet.edu.au) .

EC Prison Sites

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) are responsible for delivering the Justice Health State-wide Hepatitis Program, on behalf of the Department of Justice, State Government of Victoria.

Statewide Hepatitis Program (SHP) has implemented an innovative model of care and is now delivering best practice clinical assessment, treatment and management of prisoners with chronic viral hepatitis. The program delivers statewide, decentralised care for patients through protocol-driven, structured assessment and management of antiviral therapy by skilled Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNCs) who visit each prison in person every 2-4 weeks. All prisoners referred to the service have a clinical assessment, including measurement of liver stiffness by transient elastography (portable FibroScan device). The service is supervised by two part-time hepatologists. There is limited involvement by supervising hepatologists, using both face-to-face and telemedicine consultations. The Statewide Hepatitis Program is integrated into the local prison primary healthcare team, with close collaboration with prison primary care nurses, primary care physicians, addiction medicine clinicians, psychiatrist services and SVHM pharmacy to deliver an integrated approach to care.

The hepatologists hold a weekly clinic for face-to-face consultations for prisoners with more complex liver health care needs. This clinic takes place at St Vincent’s Correctional Health Outpatient Department at Port Phillip Prison. The telemedicine sessions are triaged and coordinated by the CNC Nurses and occur from the SHP Office at SVHM. They are successfully engaging prisoners with specialised care from the SHP specialists, eliminating the need for multiple prisoner transfers to SVHM Outpatients Department.

For prison related enquires, please contact Lucy McDonald or Anne Craigie via phone 03 9231 3788 or email: lucy.mcdonald@svha.org.au or anne.craigie@svha.org.au