Health Promotion

The Health Promotion Working Group, led by Dr. Judy Gold and involves a wide range of community organisations (in particular Harm Reduction Victoria and Hepatitis Victoria) who come together to map out the current health promotion resources, identify gaps and needs, and develop innovative ways of reaching people who inject drugs and making sure they are aware of the new hepatitis C treatments and pathways to accessing care.

Training & Education

The Training & Education Working Group primarily involves representatives of the integrated hepatitis nurses, community and tertiary doctors, community organisations and PHNs who come together to identify the need for, develop and implement training and education modules to support increased community testing and treatment for hepatitis C.

Clinical Pathways

The Clinical Pathways Working Group is led by Prof. Alex Thompson (St Vincent's) and involves a wide range of professionals working in clinical settings and community organisations who come together to look at the best way to provide hepatitis C care to people who inject drugs.

Data Systems & Surveillance

The Data Systems & Surveillance Working Group is led by Michael Traeger and involves a range of clinicians, researchers and data managers who come together to work towards establishing and managing data systems for surveillance to monitor trends over time.

Research & Evaluation

The Research & Evaluation Working Group, led by Dr. Joseph Doyle, involves a wide array of clinicians, researchers and community organisations. Researchers involved range from basic scientists and epidemiologists to econometricians and mathematical modellers. The Working Group come together to identify research priorities and plan how to conduct research in these areas.