The Research & Evaluation Working Group, led by Dr. Joseph Doyle, looks to identify research priorities among the EC Partnership and work towards ensuring we are collecting the relevant data to answer these research questions.


The Working Group aims are: 

  • To explore clinical and community outcomes of the increased community testing and treatment of people who inject drugs (PWID) with hepatitis C
  • To model the impact of community testing and treatment on HIV prevalence and incidence and assess if we are on track to meet WHO elimination targets
  • To compare the cost-effectiveness of community models against hospital models of care

This will allow us to estimate the impact of increasing community testing and treatment of PWID with hepatitis C on community hepatitis C prevalence and incidence and to assess whether the level of treatment scale-up achieved in the EC program enables us to meet WHO's elimination targets by 2030, using mathematical modelling and informed by our empirical data.


For more information relating to this Working Group, please contact Joseph Doyle: